3 best Free Fire Diamonds top up websites and applications

Diamonds are pretty helpful in Free Fire since users require them to purchase most of the exclusive content. Nevertheless, they aren’t free, and to get them, players must spend their own money to get their hands on the in-game currency.

They can be bought through various means, including websites and applications. However, a lot of players are unaware of the steps involved in the purchase of diamonds.

This article discusses three of the best top up websites and applications and how to procure diamonds using them.

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Applications to top up Free Fire diamonds

#1 In-game

Players can directly buy diamonds in-game

#2 Games Kharido

Games Kharido (Image via Games Kharido)here will redirect users to it.

Step 2: Click on the “Free Fire” option. Players must log in via any of the two available methods: Facebook or Player ID.

Step 3: Select the desired top up option and payment method. Once the payment is successfully processed, the diamonds will be credited.

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#3 Codashop

Codashop (Image via Codashop)here.

Step 2: Then, they are required to tap on the “Free Fire” option and enter their Player ID into the text field.

Step 3: Users can select the payment option and recharge (top up). Diamonds will soon be sent to their accounts upon the completion of the purchase.

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