3 best guns in Free Fire for accurate headshots

Garena Free Fire hosts a range of guns in the game. All of these weapons have great weapon stats that help players fight opponents in close, mid, and long-range.

Performing headshots is vital in a battle royale match if players want an advantage over their enemies. Headshots help players deal maximum damage with minimal shots.

This article will list some of the best weapons available in Free Fire that help players get accurate headshots in the game.

Disclaimer: This article is not in any particular ranking or order. This article lists each weapon for close, mid as well as long-range combats. It reflects the individual opinion of the writer. Readers’ opinions may differ.

What are the best guns for performing accurate headshots in Free Fire?

Note: These weapons are mentioned without their skins. Also, making headshots depends on the individual skill of the player.

#1 – Scar

The Scar is the most well-balanced AR weapon of all time. It performs effectively in mid and long-range combat. It is super easy to use and performs drag-headshots quite easily. Scar has a decent damage rate of 53 and a great fire rate of 61. It also has an accuracy of 41.

The AK is also one of the most commonly used weapons and, players can use it to perform quicker and easier headshots.

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#2 – M1887

M1887 in Free Fire
M1887 in Free Fire

The M1887 is a large-caliber double-shot shotgun that is threatening to enemies at close range. The weapon has a high damage rate of 100. Hence, it can knock down players quite easily with few blows. With a perfect aim connect on the head, the M1887 performs the headshot and knocks down the enemy at one blow.

Close-range players can also opt for SMGs like MP40. It helps players get quicker and more accurate drag-headshots.

#3 – AWM

The AWM is a high-damage Sniper Rifle that is only available at airdrops. It is one of the most optimum weapons for sniper lovers. It has a damage and accuracy rate of 90 that helps players take down enemies at far range with ease.

Though AWM is a very powerful Sniper Rifle, it performs better on stationery targets than over dynamic ones. If players quick-scope on enemies, AWM takes auto-headshot aims.

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Published 25 Apr 2021, 12:24 IST

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