3 best sensitivity settings for headshots in Free Fire

Sensitivity settings in Free Fire play a significant role in improving a player’s gameplay. The competition in Free Fire is increasing every day, and players are trying hard to keep up with their rivals on the battleground.

An effective way of acing each game is by making headshots. However, situations in every match are not the same. Gamers may have different devices and different playing style preferences.

Today’s article shares three different sets of the best-optimized sensitivity settings to perform headshots in Free Fire.

Best sensitivity settings in Free Fire

Note: Before playing the classic matches, players must first practice with the newly applied settings. After they get accustomed, they can play Battle Royale matches.

1) Close-range

The best sensitivity for close-range fights in Free Fire

2) Mid and long-range (Best optimized sensitivity)

The best-optimized sensitivity settings for mid and long-range fights

3) Low-end devices

Considering the considerable part of Free Fire players who use low-end devices, here are the best sensitivity settings for performing accurate headshots:

Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for low-end devicesAlso read: 5 best gloo wall skins in Free Fire for OB28 version

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