5 basic tips to reach Conqueror tier quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24

Season 24 of PUBG Mobile Lite is already underway, and players are working hard to climb up the tiers in the game.

The highest tier in PUBG Mobile Lite is the Conqueror tier. Securing this tier is quite challenging, and players have to grind regularly to increase their odds of achieving their goal by the end of the season.

This article takes a look at some tips that could help players reach the Conqueror tier quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24.

What should players do to reach the Conqueror tier easily in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24?

#1 – Play Classic squad matches

Play squad mode matches and avoid solo or duo mode (Image via imageshackTV)

While pushing for the Conqueror tier in PUBG Mobile Lite, it is necessary to play it safe and avoid early fights. Players must land in locations that are far away from the trajectory of the flight. This ensures fewer early fights, thereby giving players ample time to gather utilities and weapons for survival later in the game.

A few locations that are usually safe from early fights are Factory, Pilot Plaza, Vista, Salt Field, Exchange, North Hill, etc.

#3 – Play with a regular squad

Play with a familiar squad or with friends (Image via Deltechi/ YouTube)

Carrying health packs and utilities in PUBG Mobile Lite may be a basic tip, but it is very helpful, especially while pushing rank. Players must remember that surviving longer in a match will earn them more rank points.

Here are some of the utilities that players should always try to carry in a match:

  • Medkits – 4
  • Painkillers – 4
  • Adrenaline Syringe – 2
  • Energy drink – 5
  • Smoke grenades – 3
  • Grenades – 2

#5 – Grind every day

Grind constantly every day (Image via imageshackTV)Conqueror tier, PUBG Mobile Lite players have to grind constantly. This will not only improve players’ gameplay, but it will also help them win matches in the long run.

Hence, players must devote a fair amount of time to PUBG Mobile Lite if they want to achieve the Conqueror tier.

Disclaimer: While these tips may seem obvious to some users, several new players often search for these “newbie” tips and tricks.

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