5 best female characters in Free Fire in June 2021

Characters in Free Fire are significant in battle as they have unique abilities that benefit players in defeating their opponents on the virtual battleground.

Free Fire has 39 characters and features both male and female avatars. This article will list some of the best female characters in Free Fire as of June 2021.

Note: The characters listed in this article are not in any particular rank or order. It reflects the individual opinion of the writer.

Best female Free Fire characters in June 2021

#1 – A124

A124 in Free FireA124 is a modern-day robot with the active ability Thrill of Battle. At its default level (Level 1), this ability converts 20 EP into HP in four seconds. The cooldown lasts 10 seconds.

A124’s ability improves with an increase in each level. She is advantageous in Free Fire’s Classic Ranked matches Clash Squad matches.

#2 – Steffie

Steffie in Free Fire#3 – Moco

Moco possesses the passive ability called Hacker’s Eye. These skill tags fired opponents at their initial level (level 1) and share their position with teammates for two seconds.

As she advances through the levels, her skill enhancement and tag length also increase.

#4 – Shani

Shani has a passive ability known as Gear Recycle, which recovers ten armor durability after each kill, at its base level 1. Extra durability can upgrade players’ armor up to level 3.

Shani’s ability increases as she levels up in the game. She has an excellent skill for aggressive Clash Squad players.

#5 – Laura

Laura in Free Fire

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