5 best Free Fire pets as of June 2021

Free Fire has several unique elements that distinguish it from other battle royale titles on the mobile platform, and pets are among them. They are companions on the battleground and also possess unique skills that help players triumph in the game.

Garena regularly expands the list of pets, providing a wide selection. And the newest entrant to the pet section is Moony.

Listed below are the best pets in Garena Free Fire as of June 2021.

Disclaimer: This article is based on the preference of the writer. The choice of pets is an individual decision, and prioritizing one over the other solely depends on an individual’s playing style.

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What are the top five pets in Free Fire?

1) Ottero

Ottero in Free Fire“/>
Ottero in Free Fire

Description: Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically talented otter.

Skill: Double Blubber

When players restore HP using a treatment gun or medkit, the receiver will also gain some EP. At level 1, users will obtain 35% of HP recovered as well as EP. The recovery rate is set at 65%, which means for every 100 HP recovered, players will gain 65 EP.

This pet is the perfect companion for players using A124 or K to convert EP to HP quickly.

2) Falco

Description: When it spreads its wings and soars, the sky and land merge at the horizon.

Skill: Skyline Spree

Having Falco in the team is a must for a battle royale match. The pet increases the gliding speed by 15% and diving speed after the parachute opens by 25% at the first level itself. This is also applicable to the entering squad/team.

The additional gliding and diving speed is 45% and 50% respectively at the maximum level, which undoubtedly provides an edge to the team as they can land and gain the loot faster.

However, the pet must be avoided for the Clash Squad matches.

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3) Mr Waggor

Description: Once a guinea pig in the lab, Mr Waggor was brought home as a pet due to his cuteness. That led to his great escape and subsequent wandering life.

Skill: Smooth Gloo

Gloo Wall grenades play a crucial role in Garena Free Fire as they can primarily provide cover to players during gunfights. At the first level, Mr Waggor’s Smooth Gloo provides users with a Gloo Wall every 120 seconds when they have none.

At skill level 3, it produces one Gloo Wall grenade every 100 seconds when players possess less than two of these.

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4) Beaston

Beaston in Free Fire“/>
Beaston in Free Fire

Description: Don’t judge by his looks. He has a soft heart.

Skill: Helping Hands

Beaston was added earlier this year. The pet possesses a skill called Helping Hands. It considerably boosts the range of the throwables, including a grenade, Gloo Wall, flashbang, and smoke grenade, by 10%. And at the highest level, the distance is buffed at a massive 30%.

This enables users to make more efficient utilization of throwable items. Also, the ability to place Gloo Walls further allows users to rush on their foes a bit quickly.

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5) Detective Panda

Detective Panda in Free Fire“/>
Detective Panda in Free Fire

Description: I will protect the world!

Skill: Panda’s Blessings

Detective Panda’s skill replenishes a decent amount of HP when users register a kill. Initially, players get back 4 HPs upon a frag, and this is further increased to a maximum of 10 per kill.

Though it’s less, this additional HP can prove to be quite crucial in close-range fights with multiple enemies around.

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