5 best gloo wall skins in Free Fire for OB28 version

Gloo walls are one of the essential in-game utilities in Free Fire that help players take instant cover by deploying them. In order for it to function, players must throw gloo wall grenades, and after a few seconds, barriers will emerge as an instant cover.

Along with skins and bundles for characters, weapons, and vehicles, Free Fire offers exclusive skins for gloo walls as well. Although the gloo wall skins do not affect the gameplay, it definitely increases the aesthetic appeal.

Today, this article lists some of the best-looking gloo wall skins in Free Fire’s OB28 version.

Which are the best gloo wall skins in Free Fire?

1) Death Guardian

Death Guardian (Image via Nawab Gamer/YouTube)

2) Ancient Order

The Ancient Order gloo wall skin came as a reward for the pre-order of Elite Pass Season 24. The gloo wall skin features an impression of a samurai holding two blades in each of his hands. The primary background is white, with the image printed in the middle.

The skin looks pretty attractive, and many players from Season 24 own this.

3) Plan Bermuda

Plan Bermuda (Image via ProNation/YouTube)

4) Hayato the Guardian

Hayato the Guardian skin in Free FireHayato the Guardian gloo wall skin is one of the latest additions to the “Collection” segment of Free Fire. It was introduced in the Midnight Samurai Top Up event.

This graffiti gloo wall skin was available as a free reward when players topped up 200 diamonds.

Note: Although users have to pay money for diamonds, the top-up rewards are basically free since no in-game currency is used to obtain them.

5) Gate to Oblivion

Gate to Oblivion is one of the most vibrant and eye-catching gloo wall skins in Free Fire. The gloo wall skin, with a monster skull engraved over a backdrop of bright red color, was introduced in January 2021 as part of the Shark Attack Top Up event.

Note: This article solely reflects the writer’s opinions. This list is not in any particular order or ranking.

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