5 best supporting characters introduced in GTA Online

It is no secret that some of the best characters in a GTA game are the supporting cast, filled with all sorts of personalities. Rockstar Games has always strived to provide players with an unusually varied cast of characters with unique quirks who are not simply stereotypes.

While it is challenging to avoid such trappings in a game as large and full of characters like GTA Online, Rockstar has been fairly successful. GTA Online has been home to some of the funniest characters the publisher has ever written, ones that fans would love to see in other games.

Here are some supporting characters that made their debut in GTA Online.

Five best supporting characters in GTA Online

#5 – Bogdan

Bogdan was initially built up to be the big bad guy of the Doomsday Heist, and he looked and acted every bit the part. However, towards the end, it is revealed that ultimately, the GTA Online protagonist and Bogdan are both on the same side.

It turns out the player’s employer, Avon Hertz, had been hatching a diabolical scheme to end life as it was known. Bogdan’s shock reveal about being a somewhat positive character in GTA Online was one that caught players off-guard.

He is also revealed to be a rather friendly guy, despite his wishes to topple the government and introduce anarchy into the world. But what regular GTA characters don’t share that sentiment?

#4 – English Dave

English Dave is quite possibly one of the funniest characters ever in the GTA series and one that fans can’t get enough of. GTA Online is packed to the brim with characters that pop up sporadically and drop comedic gold. It is no wonder that English Dave manages to stand out as he does.

Dave teeters on the line between funny and annoying in a way that only a few characters can. In the player’ minds, English Dave is the true successor of Kent Paul from back in the day.

#3 – Agatha Baker

Agatha Baker is easily one of the best parts of the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online as her reluctance towards violence erodes with each violent act. When she first appeared in GTA Online, her character can barely stomach the idea of violence, which is why she tip-toes around her instructions calling for violence.

Throughout the Diamond Casino Heist arc, players see her evolve and embrace her role as someone who must get their hands dirty. Her transformation into someone who enjoys violence to an uncomfortable extent is absolutely hilarious to witness.

#2 – Agent 14

By all means, Agent 14 is easily one of the most divisive characters in GTA Online since many players found him to be rather annoying. But veterans of GTA Online have come to appreciate Agent 14’s lack of tact, guile, or any sort of skill in trying to keep up the act of a hardened criminal.

An undercover IAA agent, Agent 14 is never supposed to be likable, but it is hard not to find the guy hilarious. Always a fun presence during the Doomsday Heist, Agent 14 never fails to get a chuckle out of players, if for nothing else but his transparent cover that everyone can see through.

#1 – Pavel

Pavel is the player’s closest ally when it comes to the Cayo Perico Heist in GTA Online, as he guides players around the island and the Kosatka. Pavel seems to have lived a Jack Sparrow-like life of adventure and thrill, as he always seems to have a story of some great adventure for every situation.

Pavel is both funny and useful in GTA Online, which is the kind of double threat that makes him stand out as one of the best characters in the game. Fans would love nothing more than to see Pavel return in a future Heist, perhaps even as a heist crew member.

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Published 19 Apr 2021, 11:14 IST

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