5 features in GTA Online that fans do not appreciate

GTA Online is a fantastic online multiplayer experience that evolves with each title update. However, not all features and additions are welcomed by the community, as some tend to stir up divisive sentiments.

Some features might be useful to a certain kind of player while being detrimental to another. While the features on this list may be a bit divisive, many will agree that Rockstar Games must find a way to balance them out.

5 features in GTA Online that fans do not like

#1 Ghost Organization

The CEO’s ability to create a “Ghost Organization” has caused an uproar within the GTA Online community. This feature essentially allows a CEO to turn their bodyguards invisible on the map, enabling them to cause all sorts of trouble without the threat of repercussion.

This takes away much of the cause-and-effect relationship of GTA Online Freemode, where other players tend to gang up on “griefers.”

#2 Off the Radar

In tandem with “Ghost Organization,” enabling “Off the Radar” by calling Lester will provide players with some more time off the map. While this is useful for purposes outside of griefing, it is more often abused in GTA Online and is used to cause trouble.

Going Off the Radar after being a “Ghost Organization” gives plenty of time for players to really stretch their griefer muscles and ruin Freemode for others.

#3 Orbital Cannon

The Orbital Cannon is the single-most divisive “weapon” in GTA Online. It has the ability to not only track players but to also be an “instant kill” button.

Spamming the Orbital Cannon is liable to bankrupt the player in about 2-3 shots, but modders and hackers are able to generate an endless amount of cash.

The entire lobby then feels the effects of the modder’s endless pool of cash as cargo gets destroyed and important missions get disrupted.

#4 Overpowered AI

While this can be a bit subjective, AI becomes nothing less than the Terminator in certain situations.

GTA Online enemy AI isn’t exactly the smartest when it comes to combat moves, such as flanking players or deploying tactics. However, they can suddenly gain Hawkeye-level accuracy and drop players from miles away, causing major trouble during missions. In certain situations, it feels more like an unfair advantage than a challenge in GTA Online.

#5 Unskippable cutscenes

GTA Online players love the fact that the game has a solid amount of story and narrative, most of which is showcased in its numerous cutscenes. However, players start to lose some of that appreciation when they are required to sit through cutscenes they’ve already seen.

GTA Online occasionally allows players to skip cutscenes but is often hare-brained regarding which cutscenes the player has already seen. Along with this, repeated phone calls such as Lester’s for Heists get pretty annoying after he leaves the same message on the player’s phone for the third time.

Published 26 Apr 2021, 11:03 IST

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