5 most memorable vehicles from GTA Vice City

Though it’s been a while since the game first hit the market, GTA Vice City remains to be one of the most popular additions to the franchise.

While the overall game was a phenomenal work of art, the vehicles, in particular, were raved about the most on GTA Forums. After all, much of the buzz around GTA is focused on its mind-blowing collection of both classic and futuristic vehicles.

This article highlights some of the most memorable vehicles featured in GTA Vice City.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 most memorable vehicles from GTA Vice City

#5 – The Cuban Hermes

A black car covered in flames might be considered super cheesy in this style-oriented age. But back when GTA Vice City was still hot in the gaming world, a vehicle like this was bound to attract a bunch of assertive players who didn’t mind compromising a bit on performance.

Not only did the Cuban Hermes manage to do what players bought it for (capture eyes), but it also did really well on the fast lane, being a much lighter car than its base version.

Players probably wouldn’t be a fan of a car with flames in 2021, but the Cuban Hermes was quite the deal in GTA Vice City and is still one of the most memorable vehicles featured in the entire game.

#4 – The Romero

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Considering the Romero was the only car in GTA Vice City that could seat up to four passengers, the hype it managed to garner isn’t surprising.

That said, Romero set the bar high in the looks department. Its sleek and sturdy design was worth gawking over and always sported an aura of eliteness. No wonder so many people talked about this car the moment it hit the virtual market in GTA Vice City.

#3 – Mr Whoopee

GTA Vice City released a number of mind-blowing vehicles, but none quite outclassed the buzz Mr Whoopee received in the game. After all, which player wouldn’t like using a beautiful ice cream truck as a front for selling drugs in the game?

One of the missions in GTA Vice City actually makes this vehicle a must-have, which explains why almost everyone paid through the nose for it. This is definitely one of the most fascinating vehicles featured in GTA Vice City.

#2 – The Patriot

Image via GTA Fandom
Image via GTA Fandom

Considering how much the game has evolved over the years, a vehicle like the Patriot would be tagged as basic. But GTA Vice City fans wouldn’t think twice before spending a sizable chunk of money on it if they had to.

The Patriot made for a great off-road vehicle. Players could always rely on it for a quick spin through the mud, given how durable and powerful it was. GTA Vice City wouldn’t have been complete without this rebellious addition.

#1 – The Zebra Cab

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

This was a car that needed no introduction in GTA Vice City. The style, the performance, the price said it all.

The Zebra Cab, as the telltale name of the car suggests, sported a beautiful zebra design and performed like one, too! Players would be delightfully surprised if the subsequent games came up with another marvelous vehicle like this.

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