5 reasons to own a Heavy Sniper in GTA Online

[ad_1] The Heavy Sniper is one of the best weapons to own in GTA Online. This list won’t just be a list for five reasons to own a Heavy Sniper. After all, most players buy every weapon in the game. However, the problem with this mindset is that they tend to not use most of…


The Heavy Sniper is one of the best weapons to own in GTA Online.

This list won’t just be a list for five reasons to own a Heavy Sniper. After all, most players buy every weapon in the game. However, the problem with this mindset is that they tend to not use most of the weapons they’ve purchased. Considering how good the Heavy Sniper is, there are a multitude of reasons for players to use it more often.

It’s a powerful sniper rifle. That reason alone is often enough to justify its usage, but it’s arguably the best sniper rifle in the entire game. Not just that, but it’s one of the best weapons in GTA Online as a whole. While there are scenarios where a player won’t need a Heavy Sniper, it should be noted that it’s still a highly viable weapon in GTA Online’s current metagame.

Five reasons to own a Heavy Sniper in GTA Online

#5 – Helps a player improve their aim in GTA Online

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

It should go without saying that a sniper rifle requires aim to be useful. If a player cannot hit their shots consistently, then they’ll likely die to whatever adversary they’re facing. However, they can still improve their bad aim by using a weapon like the Heavy Sniper. Practice makes perfect, and the Heavy Sniper incentivizes players to land their shots.

The Heavy Sniper does more damage than other sniper rifles, so body shots aren’t as punished when using one. It’s still ideal to go for headshots, of course, but either shot still rewards a player for landing it. Given that missing can easily punish the player, they should eventually get used to landing these precise shots to the best of their ability.

#4 – Great for long ranges

Image via Kanobu Ru
Image via Kanobu Ru

All sniper rifles are viable for long-distance shooting. In most players’ eyes, the Heavy Sniper is the best one out of the bunch. It’s powerful, has a huge range thanks to its scope, and can even deal noticeable damage to vehicles from far away. If a player needs a weapon for anything requiring long ranges in GTA Online, the Heavy Sniper is a safe choice.

Most other weapons can’t compete with the Heavy Sniper in its ability to destroy an opponent from a distance. Some weapons, like the Homing Launcher, take too long to hit their opponent. Weapons that can hit the opponent instantly are often too inaccurate or deal reduced damage. One would think that the Heavy Sniper would be worthless up close, but it can still kill an enemy instantly in the hands of a skilled GTA Online player.

#3 – Does good damage toward vehicles

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

A Heavy Sniper won’t be a player’s first weapon of choice against enemies inside of vehicles, but it isn’t a terrible choice. The individual bullets do good damage against most vehicles, being able to destroy non-armored vehicles in a few shots. The application of something like this over an explosive is niche, but it still exists as a viable option in GTA Online.

What really helps the Heavy Sniper is that skilled players can often kill the driver instantly. Not all armored vehicles have a protective windshield. Oftentimes, there’s a blindspot somewhere where the player can get shot at. Considering a Heavy Sniper will likely kill a player in a single shot, one can take advantage of this flaw. Explosive weapons won’t kill the driver in the same way, as they’ll likely be stopped by armored vehicles.

#2 – Kills most enemies in one shot

Image via Maggos (YouTube)
Image via Maggos (YouTube)

The Heavy Sniper may only have six bullets in its chamber, but those six bullets are devastating. A single shot can kill a person effortlessly. In fact, the Heavy Sniper is only behind the Marksman Pistol in terms of sheer damage per shot. Certain shotguns can deal more damage in GTA Online, but that’s not always true thanks to the spread of those weapons.

Considering that the Heavy Sniper is a sniper rifle, one can use it to wipe out enemies from a distance. Even small squads can be easily dispatched by a skilled player, with zero fear towards the player’s safety. Other weapons can do this with headshots, but the Heavy Sniper’s extra range does make it preferable in some GTA Online scenarios.

#1 – Useful in most scenarios in GTA Online

Image via Frag Hero
Image via Frag Hero

Given its versatility in most situations, the Heavy Sniper is a great asset to have on most missions. It lacks a suppressor, so it’s not recommended for stealth missions in GTA Online. Likewise, players that have terrible aim won’t benefit much from the Heavy Sniper’s amazing attributes. However, its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

If a player needs to assassinate somebody, the Heavy Sniper can do it easily. If somebody is trying to grief the player, a simple no-scope will establish dominance. Some players can even use it to scout a location, as the scope is still useful for looking around. Of course, any of the previous reasons on this list are still applicable in these kinds of situations within GTA Online.

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