9 teams to compete in Free Fire World Series qualifiers, 3 to qualify for finals

The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 is the biggest ever Free Fire event to date and is set to take place in Singapore. It will feature a massive prize pool of $2 million.

The tournament will take place in two phases. The play-ins will take place on May 22nd, and finals will be on May 29th. Teams will compete in the play-ins to cement their berth in the finals.

In normal circumstances, 22 teams (12 in play-ins and 10 in finals) from 14 regions were set to compete against each other, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions in Singapore, a total of four teams from the Indian subcontinent were excluded from the Free Fire World Series 2021.

Excluded teams from FFWS 2021

1. Galaxy Racer (Winner of FFIC 2021)

2. Team Elite (Second runners-up of FFIC 2021)

3. Team TG (Winner of FFPL 2021)

4. Team Riot ( Bangladesh representative)

Team Elite, Team TG, and Team Riot have qualified for the play-ins, while Galaxy Racer has qualified for the finals.

Now in the final stages of development, Free Fire Esports Brasil in an official post stated that the four excluded teams will not be replaced by any other team.

The FFWS will comprise of only 18 teams from 11 regions.

Nine teams will compete in the play-ins scheduled for three qualification berths in the finals. Earlier, 10 teams were competing for only two qualification berths in the finals.

Qualified teams for the play-ins of the Free Fire World Series 2021


2. LOUD (Brazil)

3. First Raiders Bravo (Indonesia)

4. God’s Plan (Latin America)

5. Attack All around (Thailand)

6. New Gank (Singapore)

7. HQ Esports (Vietnam)

8. Singularity Invincible (CIS)

9. Vaixourar (Europe)

Qualified teams for the Finals of the Free Fire World Series 2021

1. VIP Esports (MENA)

2. FLUXO (Brazil)

3. Geek Fam (Malaysia/ Philippines)

4. Evos Esports ID ( Indonesia)

5. Team Aze (Latin America)

6. Phoenix Force(Thailand)

7. LGDS (Taiwan)

8. Burst the Sky (Vietnam)

9. Silence (CIS)

Published 03 May 2021, 23:46 IST

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