A new tropical map might be on the cards as Riot scatters beach teasers across every Valorant map

Following the latest patch 2.07 update, Valorant fans have been spotting several posters, magazines and flyers across every map, all portraying a sunny beach scene.

Many players in the Valorant community believe that these flyers are hinting at map number six, which was rumored to arrive sometime in early 2021.

The words “visit Breeze” were written on the posters, flyers and magazines that were scattered across each of the maps. It wouldn’t be surprising for the next Valorant map to have a more tropical setting, especially after the tundra-themed Icebox.

Keeping Riot Games’ track record in mind, it’s not beyond the company to tease a major upcoming update of their shooter like this.

Dataminers like Valorant Leaks and Floxay have tweeted about some of the locations where Valorant players can find these boards and magazines.

One can be found on Bind’s B Long, while another can be found on Split’s A main. Some flyers and magazines can also be found in Haven’s sewers and Icebox’s kitchen area.

Tropical themed map coming to Valorant

The very first signs of a new tropical map in Valorant came with the patch 2.06 update when data miner Valorant Express found tropical-themed loading music in one of the game’s files.

The files were present under the codename of “Foxtrot.” At the time, many believed that this could be the actual name of the upcoming Valorant map.

However, Valorant lore enthusiast Cynprel came up with the argument that as “f” is the 6th letter on the English alphabet, then “Foxtrot” is most likely just a placeholder.

Screengrab via Valorant
Screengrab via Valorant

With the new “visit Breeze” posters, some in the community are thinking that Breeze is the name of the upcoming map six. However, Riot has only provided teasers and Easter eggs regarding the map so far.

Tier 48 in the Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 battle pass has a player card named “Lost at Sea?” which portrays a large cargo ship that’s sailing off. Moreover, tier 23 has a “Mango Tango” gun buddy showcasing the tropical fruit.

The salt gun buddy was also recently released in the game, allowing players to equip a pirate hat with their gun.

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Additionally, Riot Games’ April fools joke, surrounding the announcement of a dating simulator called Valorant: Agents of Romance, featured a tropical setting as well.

With so many teasers and Easter eggs hinting at a very sunny setting, the upcoming map is very likely set to be tropical-themed and might have its launch with Episode 2 Act 3 of Valorant.

Published 14 Apr 2021, 11:11 IST

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