Back Arrow ‒ Episode 20

Back Arrow runs off, afraid of his role as the Destroyer and the possibility that he might hurt his friends. The others attempt to follow him but a huge fight breaks out in his wake between other Briheight users. Ren and Kai combine and defeat Dissonanza in single combat.

The Granedger crew attempts to comes to terms with Shu’s loss. Bit eventually helps everyone realize that they must struggle regardless, even if things seem hopeless. Back in Lutoh, Prax and her soldiers try to help the peasants escape harm. Rudolph tells them that there is no point, the suffering is God’s will because their attempts to live feed God. He also reveals to her that Werner and FIne’s tragedy was his doing, and she attacks in a rage. Just as he is about to strike the killing blow, Back Arrow appears and frees her.

Rudolph dares Back Arrow to kill him, but Arrow cannot seem to harm him. Rudolph reveals that it must be because God wills him to be here. Emperor Zetsu arrives as well and deploys alongside his generals in Briheights. The battle intensifies with Rekka’s forces joining in. They knock Arrow aside and rush Rudoiph. Back Arrow asks Zetsu to slay him, but he refuses and instead they join forces – with Arrow forming Zetsu’s blade.

This newfound power makes Rudolph form his Briheight. His Briheight has further vehicle that gives him incredible scale and power. The battle intensifies yet further. As things seem their bleakest, Fine fires her love beam from atop the reformed Granedger. Even Bit goes so far as to join the fight in his Briheight using a three-country Bind Warper which is… a … giant Bind Warper. It then combines to the Granedger to allow it to transform and punch Rudolph.

Well folks, we’re finally getting to the Real Stuff™ of Super Robot shows. That’s right, I’m talking good old fashioned deicide.

At this point we can safely assume that the brake lines have been cut and this ride is only going to get bumpier. We’ve got arch rivals wielding each other as sentient mechablades, we’ve got robots riding robots, we’ve got apocalyptic blasts every two minutes – it’s just fun! We’re having fun, aren’t we?

It’s hard not to enjoy the sheer spectacle of it all. Whatever reservations Back Arrow had early on have been completely shattered, and we are entering the kind of existential god-fighting that I, personally, love in my super robot shows. The new designs are flying a mile a minute to boot, and while I think the Briheights might be a bit flat individually I think the overall effect of all these mecha in the same place gives the show a really dynamic and cohesive look. The smooth contours and bright color palette combined with the ethereal or soft dream-like quality to the designs fits the high concept existential conflict happening in the moment, and I think the full roster of mecha has a very evocative look that has its own distinct energy. Special credit this week goes to Rudolph’s Briheight’s “dreadnaught” going full Biblically-Accurate-
– a nightmare with eight arms and laser cannon eyes.

It’s anybody’s guess where things go from here but I’m tossing back popcorn by the bucket.


Grant is the cohost on the Blade Licking Thieves podcast and Super Senpai Podcast.

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FUNimation Entertainment.

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