Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date decrypted by fans, minutes after the cryptic post

All that fans have done since Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced is to wait for the game’s official release date, but this is yet to come. It is, however, clear that the developers kept the launch of the game quite secretive and haven’t indicated any specific date as of yet.

Consequently, the Indian players have been left searching for answers from PUBG Mobile professionals and influencers. GodNixon, Maxtern, Ghatak, and Ocean Sharma are a few names that have provided their assumptions and dropped hints.

In a recent post on their social media handles, Battlegrounds Mobile India hinted at the release date cryptically.

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The release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India decrypted by fans from the recent post

Over the past few weeks, Krafton has been dropping various artworks leaking various aspects of Battlegrounds Mobile. The post, which was recently released, asked fans to guess the date of BGMI’s release. In the comments section, many have gone ahead, stating their predictions.

A few have even managed to decode the message as shown in the given pictures:

A snip from the comment section A snip from the comment section A snip from the comment section A snip from the comment section A snip from the comment section

He also gave a clue in one of his tweets:


In one of his most recent streams, PUBG Mobile pro was quoted with the following:

“As far as I know, Battlegrounds Mobile India might be released on the 16th or 18th.”

(From: 3:04:27 – 3:04:35:)

Apart from these, Abhijeet Andhare, aka Ghatak, had disclosed that the game could come out in the third week of June:

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