Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG) recap: Cross-server matchmaking, RP season, and Esports event details explained

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a new mobile battle royale title developed by Krafton that caters to Indian users. It was announced by the South Korean company on May 6th, 2021, and got the attention of the fans across the country.

The upcoming game will feature in-game constraints for underage users in the form of limited game time and restrictions on spending. In addition to this, Battlegrounds Mobile India will have its esports ecosystem.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India details


Pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India will commence on May 18th, 2021, on the Google Play Store. Pre-registered users will receive specific rewards.

In addition to these popular PUBG Mobile influencers, Abhijeet Andhare aka Ghatak and Luv Sharma aka GodNixon have answered numerous questions regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India in their respective videos.


Ghatak quoted the following regarding inventory retention in Battlegrounds Mobile India:

“One of the most asked questions was about the old accounts and what would happen to the inventory and other items. There is good news for them as all the investments players have made in the game will be retained in the Battlegrounds Mobile India account as it is. So, chill and enjoy.”

(At timestamp: 58 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds)

This indicates that players might be getting back all the items in Battlegrounds Mobile India that they possessed in PUBG Mobile before its suspension in the country. This leak/development has delighted the players.


Meanwhile, regarding cross-server matchmaking, Ghatak stated the following:

“Many people asked questions regarding if they will be able to matchmake with players from other countries. The answer to that is no.”

He further added,

“As of now, it is not possible to play with users from other countries and would only be able to compete against other Indian players.”

(At timestamp 30 seconds)

GodNixon stated that he has no idea whether Indian players would be able to play with users from other countries or not. He further elaborated, but for the competitive tournament, it would be possible.

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Ghatak stated the following about the participation of Indian players in International events,

“Many players have a dream of representing the country and playing against the international teams and they asked me whether they would be able to participate in such events or not.”

“So, whenever a tournament of such nature is announced, then Krafton will be building a framework to allow all talented Indian players to showcase their skills in these international events. Chill and don’t worry as Krafton will be looking after the players. “

Hence, it is likely that the players will be able to compete at international events.

(At timestamp 3 minutes)

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RP Season

Coming to the RP Season, Nixon stated the following:

“A lot of players have asked me about the new season and Royale Pass. But I will like to inform that you will get to see the new season and Royale Pass on the same day of the game’s release. We are quite excited for the first season.”

Based on the video there is a chance that Battlegrounds Mobile India will have a different RP than the Global version.

(At timestamp 3 minutes 10 seconds)

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