Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for one-tap headshots and quicker reflexes: Beginners guide

Garena Free Fire is a high-intensity, fast-paced battle royale game featuring short and intense matches. To compete in this fast-paced title, players must be quick and agile with their gameplay.

Making one-tap headshots is one of the finest methods to be quick with reflexes while fighting. It is, however, pretty challenging for beginners to master this headshot method, and they must have highly calibrated sensitivity settings to do so.

Therefore, this article will share the best sensitivity settings in Free Fire for beginners to perform one-tap headshots with quicker reflexes.

Note: As this article shares sensitivity for beginners, the values are lower than usual. Also, sensitivity varies from device to device. Hence, slight tweaks might be necessary.

Detailed guide to get the best Free Fire sensitivity settings for one-tap headshots and quicker reflexes

The following settings will assist players in delivering one-tap headshots in Free Fire:

The best sensitivity for one-tap headshots and quicker reflexes in Free Fire

In long-range battles, players need to aim their Sniper Rifle towards the enemy. When the aim turns red, they need to scope in and adjust the crosshair slightly towards the enemy’s head and tap on the fire button.

The auto-aim feature will lock the enemy’s head and deliver a one-tap headshot.


For close-range battles, players need to get near enough to the opponent for the weapon (Shotgun) to deliver the maximum damage.

They can then aim for the enemy’s head and press the fire button once to execute a quick headshot.

Note: These tips may not work best for everybody. These are some tips for beginners to learn the method.

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