Best Free Fire sensitivity settings for quick movements and accurate headshots

Sensitivity settings are vital in Free Fire. These settings help gamers improve their accuracy and make quick headshots. They also aid in a weapon’s recoil reduction.

Headshots deal a large amount of damage. Hence, if players land one on their opponents, it can result in quick kills. Headshots, in combination with faster movement speed, can considerably improve a player’s performance.

This article looks at the best sensitivity settings in Free Fire to help players with quick movements and accurate headshots.

Note: The sensitivity settings described in this article are optimized according to the writer. Moreover, they differ from device to device, so slight changes may be required.

Free Fire sensitivity settings for better movement and headshot accuracy

Here are the sensitivity settings that players can apply for better and faster movement speed and headshot precision:

The best sensitivity settings in Free Fire for quicker movements and accurate headshotsreflexes, and headshots is practice. Players can use their new sensitivity settings to grind on the training grounds for the best results.

The ideal way to improve headshot accuracy is to train using a dummy target board. Players can practice swiping the screen quickly and then aiming straight at the target board. It will help them improve, as the auto-aim feature will lock the aim on the enemy’s head.

Players can acquire faster movement speed by keeping the “General” sensitivity high. This sensitivity is majorly responsible for the primary camera movement of the in-game character. Hence, it causes faster in-game movement.

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