Best PUBG Mobile Lite gyroscope sensitivity settings for beginners

PUBG Mobile Lite remains popular throughout the world, and new players are joining the game frequently. As competition in the Battle Royale mode heats up, players seek new ideas and methods to gain an advantage over others.

In BR matches, headshots are one of the most effective ways to kill enemies quickly. Sensitivity settings significantly impact headshot precision.

Using the gyroscope is one of the best ways to control the recoil of weapons and make these headshots. However, beginners face difficulties while adjusting the gyro sensitivity.

This article shares the best gyroscope sensitivity and other settings to aid players in reducing recoil.

Note: Sensitivity settings differ from device to device. Hence, minor tweaks might be necessary. The settings listed here are just suggestions based on which players can get their own customized settings.

Gyroscope sensitivity in PUBG Mobile Lite

Best gyroscope sensitivity for beginners

Camera sensitivity in PUBG Mobile Lite

Best camera sensitivity in PUBG Mobile Lite for beginners Best ADS sensitivity in PUBG Mobile Lite for beginners

The discussed sensitivity settings are not absolute values that will minimize recoil for headshots. As a result, experimenting with sensitivities and adjusting them as needed is always advised.

Players must often practice and explore the optimum settings to minimize recoils and perform headshots because each device has different sensitivity.

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