Best PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity settings for low-end Android devices

PUBG Mobile Lite is the toned-down variant of PUBG Mobile, and it was specially made for low-end Android devices. Since its release, the game has accumulated a huge fan base and amassed a large global player base.

Sensitivity settings play a significant role in determining a player’s gameplay during a Battle Royale match. Many players are often baffled about getting the perfect sensitivity to minimize recoil and have good control over their aim.

This article shares the best sensitivity settings recommendations for low-end Android devices that players can use on their devices.

What are the best sensitivity settings in PUBG Mobile Lite for low-end Android devices?

Note: The sensitivity settings listed here are for a low-end device, and the settings are higher than usual. Players might need to make some minor tweaks to get their best sensitivity.

Camera Sensitivity

Camera sensitivity settings are majorly responsible for the movement of the camera. When players ‘scope in’ or open the ADS, this sensitivity helps players control the weapons’ horizontal recoil.

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ADS sensitivity

ADS sensitivity is responsible for vertical recoil control of firearms when players ‘scope in.’ With perfect sensitivity, players can minimize the recoil of their weapons on low-end devices.

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The sensitivity setting for ‘Free Look’ is not on the high or low end of the scale as it allows players to move around while looking around. Hence, players can leave it at default.

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