Should Rockstar make all GTA Online content available solo?

There are certainly some strong cases to be made for Rockstar making more GTA Online content available solo. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to doing something like this. The main disadvantage would be spending resources for some content players might not participate much in, but the general advantages are still worth considering. Naturally, … Read more

Top 5 acting performances in the GTA series

Good acting can elevate a character and make it easier for the player to immerse themselves into the world of GTA. The GTA series is well-known for having excellent voice acting. However, not all voice actors are equal. Some like Mario D’Leon (Luis Fernando Lopez) aren’t memorable in their performances. By comparison, it’s the voice … Read more

5 most beloved weapons in the entire GTA series

The GTA franchise has carved itself a place in the industry on the back of sheer, unabashed dedication to a vision and excellent craftsmanship in design. One of the key elements of action-adventure open-world games like the GTA franchise has always been the insane variety of weapons. Rockstar‘s brilliant and varied creative design choices are … Read more