List of All 600+ Anime Available in India (Legal)

This list consists of all 600+ anime available in India. As it includes anime lists from Netflix India, CrunchyRoll India, Prime Video India, Muse Asia, Ani One Asia, AnimeLog & Tubi TV. These all are legal sources (free/paid). Crunchy Roll Crunchy Roll is one of biggest anime and Asian drama distributor. Crunchy roll have anime … Read more

Japan Sinks Review

What is Japan Sinks? Japan Sinks (Japanese: 日本沈没, Hepburn: Nippon Chinbotsu) is a disaster novel by Japanese writer Sakyo Komatsu, published in 1973. Komatsu took nine years to complete the work. The publisher wanted it to be written in two different sections, both published at the same time. The novel received the 27th Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the Seiun Award for a Japanese … Read more