“I got her character breakdown and saw that she was a bada** country girl from Australia and I just felt that I knew her and her voice”: Miranda O’Hare opens up about portraying Skye in Valorant

One of the most prominent Valorant agents is the Australian initiator with nature-based Radiant Powers, Skye. Skye joined the Valorant Roster with the 3rd Act of Episode 1: Formation. Her nature-based unique powers set her apart from Breach and Sova, the other initiators of Valorant. Skye has been portrayed in Valorant by the talented Miranda … Read more

Rooter announced Tri-Nation Valorant Tournament Rise of Legends 2021

Popular game streaming application organization Rooter recently announced Rise of Legends 2021, a Valorant Invitational tournament between India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Rooter is a well-known India-based gaming streaming platform with a focus on mobile gaming. Rooter recently announced the Rise of Legends 2021, a Valorant Invitational Tournament with a prize pool of ₹4,000,000. 16 … Read more

Valorant: Pride Player Cards to be available with redemption code on June 3rd

A prominent data miner called RumbleMike recently gave the Valorant community a snippet of a new line of player cards to be available in the future. According to Riot Games, the new player cards to be available are dubbed the Pride Player Cards, and they will only be available through code redemption on June 3rd. … Read more

Riot to look into Valorant’s solo queue matchmaking and the rise of one-sided games by the end of each Act

Since the introduction of Competitive mode, Valorant’s solo queue matchmaking has seen a lot of skill disparity when placing players with teammates and opponents. Reports of such one-sided games see significant growth in numbers by the end of each act. Hence, with Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 coming to an end in just a few … Read more

Indian Valorant community in a fix as developments suggest that Excali may have violated his contract with Team Mahi

A new social media reveal left the whole Indian Valorant community stunned as they received the news of Team Mahi’s (TM) Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar joining the Valorant roster of Samurai Esports (SE). As per Team Mahi’s official statement, Excali was still under contract when he was approached by SE for a potential transfer. Later today, … Read more

NA Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Challengers 2: Standings after Day 2

The NA Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Stage 2 Challengers 2 is currently ongoing, as the eight qualified teams fight each other in the upper bracket semi-finals and lower bracket matches to get into the finals, on the tournament’s second day. Immortals and TSM have dropped out of the tournament after losing to Sentinels and Andbox … Read more

Skyesports Valorant League 2021 Day 16: Punjab Pinnacles secure their first victory against Bengaluru Crushers

Day 16 of the Skyesports Valorant League 2021 witnessed Punjab Pinnacles’ first victory in the series against Bengaluru Crushers. Before this Valorant series, Punjab Pinnacles have been on the receiving end of four consecutive series losses. Among them, the closest they got to a victory was in their last series against Mumbai Aces, where they … Read more

How to make crosshair smaller in Valorant

Crosshair settings hold a lot of importance in an FPS tactical shooter game like Valorant. The game has various opinions for crosshair customization, including color, borders, thickness, and opacity. This allows the players to customize their crosshairs. Customizing these settings improves the accuracy and overall gameplay experience. It increases the chances for the player to … Read more