Character Designer Akio Watanabe Recovers After COVID-19 Hospitalization

Illustrator was hospitalized earlier this month

Artist Akio Watanabe revealed through the Twitter account of his character and alias Poyoyon Rock on Monday that he has recovered after being hospitalized for becoming infected with the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). He has now been discharged from the hospital.

Watanabe revealed on April 4 that he had been infected with the disease on April 1, and would be hospitalized.

Watanabe is perhaps best known for being the character designer for the various Monogatari Series anime adaptations of NisiOisin‘s novels, and also serving as the original character designer for the Grisaia series of visual novels and subsequent anime adaptations. He has also designed the characters for Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko, The SoulTaker, Nurse Witch Komugi, The World God Only Knows, and Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU.

Source: Poyoyon Rock‘s Twitter account via Otakomu

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