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Control and Discord Nitro free on Epic Games Store

Control is available for free this week as part of Epic Games Store’s “Free Game of The Week” program. The Vault has opened… and something within is calling you to the Oldest House. Discover a world unknown. Humanity is at stake. Will you regain CONTROL? 🔻 — Epic Games Store (@EpicGames) June 10, 2021 Gamers…

Control is available for free this week as part of Epic Games Store’s “Free Game of The Week” program.

Gamers may hop onto their Epic Games account and claim it anytime before June 17, with no caveats or credit card shenanigans. The only thing required is an Epic Games account, which is free and easy to make.

Why Control is a must-play on Epic Games

Control takes place in Oldest House, a secret government facility for the containment of the paranormal. If this sounds out there for a premise, the game goes the extra mile when it comes to materializing its strange vision. It is safe to say that Control is one of the most unique action-adventure games on the Epic Games store.

Its clean and stylized visual design compliments both its eerie atmosphere as well as its explosive gameplay. At its heart, Control is a third-person shooter with additional abilities like Risk of Rain 2 or Quantum Break. Anyone who has played the latter, or any of Remedy Entertainment’s previous games, will know the studio’s knack for building tight gameplay mechanics and suitable set-pieces.

Remedy has been making games with a similar focus for two decades now, and in Control, its abilities as a developer came full circle. Control delivers a top-notch experience on every front.

It offers responsive controls, superb animations, and flawless sound design. There’s unbridled joy in using psychic abilities to chuck filing cabinets and concrete chunks at enemies. It is one of the most phenomenal shooters available on Epic Games.

The game has its drawbacks, the biggest of them being pacing issues in the second act. But while its plot and quest design may drag at points, it does attempt to deliver a slick and immersive approach to storytelling that seldom feels gamey.

It is also not a game built for replayability, unlike Genshin Impact, which became available on the Epic Games store this week. In any case, Control is a game that no shooter enthusiasts should miss.

To sweeten the deal for gamers in the final week of Epic Mega Sale, Epic Games is also handing out three months of free Discord Nitro till June 17. Once claimed, a redeem code will be sent to the claimant’s mail address registered with Epic Games.

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