DJ Alok vs Jai: Which Free Fire character is a better choice for aggressive players?

Garena Free Fire is a mobile battle royale title that offers multiple interesting gameplay modes. Characters are the primary element that can help players to gain an advantage while playing these modes.

An aggressive gameplay style is a beneficial tactic to boost kill count. Many gamers like to play aggressively while playing intense matches like the Clash Squad mode. However, it is often hard to pick a correct character with the massive number of options available in Free Fire.

This article compares DJ Alok and Jai’s abilities to determine who is best suited for aggressive gameplay in Free Fire.

Analyzing the abilities of DJ Alok and Jai in Free Fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is the most powerful character in Free Fire


Jai is a great choice for the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire

Jai’s ability to reload a gun’s magazine automatically is beneficial for aggressive players. But it falls short when compared to Alok’s ability.

Players get the advantage of restoring HP directly and boosting their movement speed with the latter’s skill. It aids aggressive players significantly on the ground while rushing.

Therefore, it is safer to say that DJ Alok is a much better choice for aggressive players in Free Fire.

Disclaimer: Choosing a character is an individual choice. Prioritizing one over the other is entirely dependent on playing preferences.

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