Dreki Pet in Free Fire: Price, ability, and more

Garena released a new Free Fire pet named Dreki on April 3rd. The pet was released via an in-game top-up event called Dreki Top Up.

Like most pets in Free Fire, Dreki has special abilities that can help the player in a match. Several in-game items like Dreki’s emotes and skins were also released on the same day in the Free Fire store.

Dreki Top Up event and Dreki’s price in Free Fire

As previously mentioned, Dreki was first introduced in the Dreki Top Up event in Free Fire on April 3rd. The event is still underway and will end on April 13th.

Dreki is not yet available in the Free Fire store, which means it does not have a price tag yet. However, players can obtain the pet by simply purchasing 300 diamonds from Free Fire’s top-up store. Soon after purchasing the diamonds, players will be able to claim Dreki from the Events > Dreki Top Up tab.

Dreki’s ability in Free Fire

Dreki pet in Garena Free Fire
Dreki pet in Garena Free Fire

Dreki has an ability called Dragon Glare. At its base level, this ability can detect opponents who use medkits within a 10m range. However, the effects last only for 3 seconds.

At its highest level (pet level 7 and skill level 3), Dragon Glare can detect opponents who use medkits within a 30m radius. The skill is only active for 5 seconds.

Skins and emotes of Dreki

After purchasing Dreki, players can buy its exclusive skins and emotes from the Free Fire store. Here is a list of Dreki’s skins and emotes, along with their prices:

  • Dreki’s Dragon Breath emote – 299 diamonds
  • Dreki’s Heart-shaped emote – 299 diamonds
  • Galaxy Dreki pet skin – 699 diamonds
  • Zapping Dreki pet skin – 699 diamonds

Apart from purchasable emotes, there are several other emotes and skins that can be unlocked as Dreki’s level is increased. They are:

  • Celebrate emote
  • Play emote
  • Show emote
  • Splashy Dreki pet skin

The Dreki Top Up event will last for another 4 days, so Free Fire players need to hurry up and take advantage of the ongoing event.

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Published 09 Apr 2021, 11:50 IST

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