English Voice Actors Kristen McGuire, Clifford Chapin Announce Engagement


Voice actress Kristen McGuire announced on Twitter on June 18 that she has gotten engaged to fellow voice actor Clifford Chapin. She posted photos of the two of them together and wrote: “For years, [Clifford Chapin] has been one of my best friends. Last night, he became my fiancée.”

McGuire and Chapin have worked together on dozens of English dubbed anime titles. They starred as Tatami and Bakugo respectively in My Hero Academia, the executioners in Akudama Drive, and as Hinano Kurahashi and Tomohito Sugino in Assassination Classroom. McGuire is also known for voicing Ruri in Dr. Stone and Yū in Fire Force, while Chapin voiced Cabba in Dragon Ball Super and Conny in Attack on Titan.

In November, fellow English dub voice actors Kara Edwards and Zach Bolton announced their marriage.

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