Fake PUBG Mobile India (Battlegrounds Mobile India) APK files flood the internet after official announcement

The internet has been flooded with download links to fake APK files of Battlegrounds Mobile India, following the game’s official announcement by Krafton.

PUBG Mobile boasts an ardent fanbase in India. The last few months weren’t the best for the large fanbase as their favorite title was banned in the country on the grounds of national security.

In the last few days, there have been numerous developments regarding the game’s future in the country. The announcement by Krafton of Battlegrounds Mobile India was well received.

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Fake Battlegrounds Mobile India APK files flood the internet

Soon after the announcement, multiple APK files circulated online with the name Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton has yet to announce the game’s release, so it is fairly clear that these files are fake and are a threat to players in the community.

Fake files have flooded the internet Fake files have flooded the internet Fake files have flooded the internet Fake files have flooded the internetAlso read: “PUBG Mobile India comeback will boost the entire gaming community”: Free Fire streamer Desi Gamers elated on Battlegrounds Mobile India announcement

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