Free Fire OB27 update: All the weapon balances explained

The Free Fire OB27 update has hit the servers and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, players wouldn’t be able to test the new features until the announced maintenance break concludes.

The past few updates have seen numerous weapon balances being implemented in Free Fire. The same has been the case this time around as Garena has made multiple alterations to the weapons, nerfing and buffing a few essential weapons to balance the gameplay and make it even more engaging.

This article looks at the weapon balancing that will be implemented in the latest Free Fire OB27 patch.

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Free Fire OB27 weapon balance and adjustments

The following are the weapon balancing and adjustments:

  • Base Damage: 28 -> 30
  • Minimum Damage: 11-> 12
  • Burst Speed: +11%
  • Recoil Build Up: +20%


  • Base Damage: 24->25
  • Rate of Fire: -5%
  • Precise Shots: +1
  • Accuracy: +25%
  • Moving Accuracy: +13%
  • Movement Speed While Shooting: +21%

FF Knife

  • Damage to downed enemies +80.


  • Accuracy: +8%
  • Accuracy While Moving: +4%
  • Max Recoil: -14%


  • Headshot Multiplier: 550%->400%
  • Effective range in Akimbo: -10%
  • Recoil in Akimbo: +10%
  • Max Recoil in Akimbo: +50%
  • Reload Speed: -25%
  • Removed the muzzle attachment slot.
  • Magazine Size: 30->25


  • Ballistic Rounds: Extra damage to Vehicles, barrels, and Gloo Walls: 1->0.6
  • Damage multiplier to players behind Gloo Walls: 0.8 -> 0.6



  • Players can now cook the Flashbang.
  • Flash Duration: 8->2.2

Smoke Grenade

  • Increase the speed of smoke blooming.
  • Throw distance increased.
  • Now available in the Battle Royale Mode via airdrops.

Machine Gun Mode

Machine Gun Mode can be activated while crouching and proning.

  • Machine Gun Mode: M60: Rate of Fire: +28%
  • M249: Damage +5
  • Kord: Rate of Fire: +5%, 3 shots will be shot at once.

In addition to these adjustments, a new weapon named Kord has been introduced to the game. The firearm will be available in Battle Royale and Clash Squad. The patch notes stated:

“The Kord is an LMG that can be used as an effective tool for surprising fire. Crouch down and fire to destroy all the players.”

The stats for Kord are as follows:

  • Base Damage: 35
  • Rate of Fire: 0.21
  • Magazine: 80
  • Attachment Slot: Scope
  • Can crouch to activate Machine Gun Mode.

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Published 14 Apr 2021, 12:30 IST

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