Free Fire OB27 update: Bermuda remastered map, new battle royale features, and training grounds explained

Free Fire has experienced immense success in recent years thanks to frequent updates that have played a major role in this enormous success.

The Free Fire OB27 update is almost here, and Garena has published the patch notes for it.

The update is, without a doubt, one of the most notable as it will introduce a horde of new features and changes to the game.

This article explains and analyzes some of the major features and revamped training grounds in Free Fire that will be included in the forthcoming update.

Free Fire OB27 update: New features and map explained

#1 – Battle Royale features

New Battle Royale features will be incorporated in the OB27 update
New Battle Royale features will be incorporated in the OB27 update

There are a few major changes that will take place in the upcoming OB27 update. The most relevant ones among them are the vending machine optimization and the introduction of the revival mechanism.

Vending machines

According to the patch notes, vending machines’ locations and visibility has been optimized and enhanced so that it is easier for the players to locate and use them on the map.

The vending machine is now available in all the battle royale maps of Free Fire. The patch notes also stated that:

  • The Vending Machine’s location will now be visible on the mini-map at the screen’s left-hand side corner. This way, players can easily find out where these machines are placed.
  • Playzone damage will no longer interrupt the vending machine. this means players inside the play zone can easily use vending machines without interruptions.

Revival mechanism

The revival mechanism or the revival point is available on all the maps. The revival point feature was first introduced in Casual Mode in the previous patch. It was well-received by the players.

The revival mechanism allows fallen teammates to return to the battlefield. Players can experience this feature in all maps of Free Fire, as the patch notes mention:

“The Revival Point is now available on all maps. Revive mechanism now available in Battle Royale – Casual.”

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#2 – Bermuda Remastered

Since its temporary inclusion in January, Bermuda Remastered has been one of the most popular maps. Since then, players have pleaded for it to be permanently included.

According to patch updates, Bermuda Remastered will be permanently added to the game after the OB27 update, while the Kalahari map will be optional to download.

#3 – Training Grounds

A new arena will be introduced in the training grounds which will be called the Boxing Ring. Garena states:

“Are you ready for some 1v1 battles?”

The Boxing Ring will probably be a small 1v1 stage where players can test their fistfighting skills.

Along with the introduction of the new arena, other optimizations will also be made. They are:

  • Added rankings for the Target Arcade.
  • Players can now add each other as friends in the Social Zone.
  • Weapon sounds are lowered for the Social Zone.
  • Battle stats are added in the Combat Zone.

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Published 14 Apr 2021, 12:21 IST

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