Free Fire redeem code for India server (June 26th): Free Cyber Bounty Hunter AUG skin

The Rampage Party Giveaway provides Free Fire users with an excellent opportunity to get various rewards without spending diamonds. Garena is releasing a new redeem code as part of the daily giveaway.

Players have to quickly use these redeem codes on the game’s official Rewards Redemption Site to obtain the rewards since the codes are valid for a specific duration.

Here is the latest redeem code, along with a guide on how to use it.

Free Fire redeem code for today (June 26th)

Redeem code: B6IYCTNH4PV3

Rewards: AUG Cyber Bounty Hunter

Disclaimer: The validity of this redemption code is only 30 mins, and users must use it before 12:30 PM IST to obtain the rewards. Once expired, an error message will be displayed stating that the code is either invalid or has already been redeemed.

Additionally, Free Fire redeem codes are supposed to be used by players on a given server rather than worldwide. The one shown above is only for those on the India server.

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How to use Free Fire redeem code to obtain AUG Cyber Bounty Hunter

The Rewards Redemption Site is designed by Garena for the usage of Free Fire redeem codes. Players can follow this guide on utilizing the website and claiming rewards:

Step 1: They are required to visit the official Rewards Redemption Site of Free Fire here.

Users must sign in on the official Rewards Redemption Site Users can paste the redeem code into the text fieldAlso read: SK Sabir Boss’ Free Fire UID number, stats, monthly income, rank, and more

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