Free Fire redeem code for Indian server (June 21st): Free Age of Gold bundle

Garena regularly updates Free Fire with numerous in-game events that offer an abundance of free cosmetics as rewards. They also periodically release redeem codes, often considered easy options for acquiring items at no cost.

Many players eagerly await both of the above as they don’t possess enough diamonds to purchase these items directly from the in-game store.

Here is the latest Free Fire redeem code and the steps to obtain the rewards from the official Rewards Redemption website.

Free Fire redeem code for June 21st

Redeem code: 3IBBMSL7AK8G

Rewards: The Age of Gold Bundle (7D)

Usage: The code can only be used until 12:30 PM IST on June 21st, 2020.

Note: All Free Fire redeem codes are limited to a particular server or region. The one listed can be utilized by users playing on the India server.

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Steps for using redeem codes in Free Fire

Here are the instructions that users can follow to obtain rewards by using the Free Fire redeem code:

Step 1: They can use most Free Fire redeem codes on the official website, which is intended for this purpose.

Sign in through one of the availabe methods Paste the code given above in the text fieldAlso read: How to get free rewards in Free Fire using redeem codes for the Indian server

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