Garena Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site: All you need to know


Free Fire players look forward to the various rewards offered by the battle royale game. With every update, there are multiple skins and accessories that the title provides. Gamers need to have a sufficient number of diamonds (in-game money) in their accounts to acquire these cosmetics.

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If they do not have sufficient diamonds or do not want to spend real money to purchase this currency, users can always wait for the redeem codes offered by the developers.

Redeem codes are alpha-numeric codes that players can use to get various items for free.

Note: Some redeem codes are meant for certain regions only. Sadly, if players receive any error message while trying to redeem rewards, they can do nothing about it.

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All details about the Garena Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site

Image via HIFI GAMING (YouTube)
Image via HIFI GAMING (YouTube)

To use these redeem codes, players need to first head to the Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site. They can go to the website here. As per the site, these are few essential things that gamers must keep in mind before logging in:

  • Redeem codes have a valid expiration date. Players cannot enter old redeem codes and expect them to work.
  • Players need to link their Free Fire accounts while logging in. Guest accounts will not yield the desired result.
  • If the rewards are successfully redeemed, gold or diamonds will be added to the account automatically. The prizes will be displayed on the Vault tab in the game lobby.

In order to redeem codes, players need to log in using their Facebook, Apple, VK, Google, Twitter, or Huawei IDs. After entering the code, they need to confirm it. If approved, the rewards will appear within 24 hours.

Disclaimer: This article is for beginners. While this information may seem obvious to some, several new players are often confused.

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Published 07 Apr 2021, 12:29 IST

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