Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks: Jean skin could cost around $20 with multiple discounts throughout the version, says leaker

Some Genshin Impact fans are going to be disappointed when they find out that Jean’s summer skin could cost $20.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play game, which means that microtransactions are inevitable. As far as free-to-play games go, Genshin Impact is quite generous. However, some fans will take issue with the idea that a fanservice skin is going to cost real-world money, especially since it’s expected to be priced at $20.

Fortunately, there will be some discounts throughout 1.6 if some players find $20 a bit too steep for a single skin. As is with all Genshin Impact leaks, players should temper their expectations, as this particular leak is not set in stone. Prices may vary, but this isn’t the first time miHoYo has sold in-game costumes for real-world cash.

Genshin Impact 1.6 leaks: Info on Jean’s skin

It isn’t yet known what these discounted prices will be or how players can obtain them in Genshin Impact. What is known is that $20 was the price most discussed by Genshin Impact leakers. It should go without saying that this costume is available for $20, not that Jean, herself, will be available for $20.

Genshin Impact has had microtransactions before, so this is nothing too out of the ordinary. Based on the success of this event, Genshin Impact fans can expect to see more costumes for other characters set at a price.

miHoYo’s MTX practices

In Honkai Impact 3rd, some costumes can cost over $30. $20, by comparison, seems a bit tame. This is relevant because Honkai Impact 3rd is also made by miHoYo, and there are a lot of costumes to purchase in that game.

The important thing to note about MTX (microtransactions) is that it tends to start small, before evolving into something more obnoxious. If a game starts with the obvious MTX from the get-go, they usually get blasted by their fans. Hence, it isn’t surprising to see some games start small, conditioning their fans to get used to the idea of paying for costumes.

In due time, it is likely that Genshin Impact will include some free skins like in Honkai Impact 3rd, but it will also include some skins players could purchase with real-life money. Unless the initial reception to Jean’s skin is universally panned, Genshin Impact players should expect to see more of these cash grabs in the future.

Obtaining the new Jean skin

Better get those Genesis Crystals ready (Image via Playstation Store)Barbara’s skin. Given that Honkai Impact 3rd has some free skins, it is likely that Barbara’s will be the free skin to entice Genshin Impact players to try out the event.

If the supposed discounts are generous, then some players should participate in the 1.6 event associated with it to save money. If money isn’t an issue, then they’re free to spend it as soon as the skin becomes available.

Still, these Genshin Impact leaks have been scarily accurate as of late. Usually, it’s just minor details that seem to be wrong. A skin’s price is a minor detail, so players should take this leak with a grain of salt.

How long will this skin be available for purchase?

Jean fans can at least get the skin whenever they want (Image via Genshin Impact (Twitter)

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