Genshin Impact controller support on mobile devices: All you need to know

The idea of using a controller with mobile devices might seem strange at first, but it is surprisingly easy to do whilst playing Genshin Impact.

There are both official and unofficial ways to get controller support on mobile devices. iOS fans can get controller support officially, whereas Android players will have to resort to third-party methods to achieve a similar effect. Either way, there are ways for Genshin Impact players to play the game with a controller, even on mobile devices.

The article below will detail both methods for mobile fans’ convenience. It will also detail the available controllers that miHoYo officially supports for iOS devices, as well as any other minor notes Genshin Impact players should be aware of before they try to play Genshin Impact with a controller.

Genshin Impact: How to use controllers on mobile devices

An example of a controller that officially supports Genshin Impact (Image via RAZER)mobile devices is quite the experience, and it’s one that some players wish to learn more about. It should be noted that not every controller type is compatible with mobile devices, regardless of whether it’s Android or iOS. That said, miHoYo did release some details about which controllers should work with iOS.

iOS (Official method)

If Genshin Impact players have their iOS version upgraded to iOS 14 or higher, then they can use the following controllers officially:

  • Xbox Wireless Controller (Bluetooth)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Playstation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller
  • MiFi Bluetooth Controllers
  • Razer Kishi

Players should go to their settings, and go to “Control Type” under “Controls.” From here, players should use the drop-down menu under “Control Type” and select “Controller” instead of “Touchscreen.” Players will need to re-enable their controller every time they launch Genshin Impact, however.

Of course, the controller should be turned on and the player’s iOS device should be able to connect to Bluetooth for this to work. The control schemes for the PS controllers and Xbox controllers are the same control scheme found in their native consoles.

Android (Unofficial)

Unfortunately, while iOS got official controller support back in Genshin Impact 1.3, there is still no official news on when Android devices will get official controller support.

That said, there are ways to play Genshin Impact with a controller on Android devices unofficially. The Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper is a terrific app that allows mobile gamers to remap the control scheme of most mobile games to fit with whatever controller they have in mind.

After a player connects their controller with the Octopus app, they should notice two small almost transparent circles near the top of their game. Then click on the “+” icon, and then the player should see stuff like Key, D-Pad, Left Analog, etc.

The Octopus app should look something like this (Image via MrDeeLee)Android device over the touch screen equivalent. Therefore, when a player presses that button on their controller, the Octopus app will automatically press it for them on the touchscreen.

Sadly, despite all of the leaks that happen within the Genshin Impact community, there is still no information about official Android controller support. Android fans will just have to wait until that happens, or they can use the method above for convenience’s sake.

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