Genshin Impact Fan art and cosplay event: How to participate, eligibility, rewards, and more details

By now, the Genshin Impact community is no stranger to the unique fan art and cosplay of the game’s popular playable characters.

Once again, Genshin Impact is hosting a contest to find the best portrayals of their characters. In this case, the artwork judged will be focused on one of the community’s current favorites, Zhongli.

The fan art component of this event, called “Zhongli: Heart of Bedrock,” is going on now, and the cosplay contest is set to take submissions in two weeks.

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How to participate in the Genshin Impact fan art contest, eligibility and rewards

Artists have until May 19th to submit their illustrations and chibi art for the Heart of Bedrock contest. Judging will take place from the 20th until the end of this month, and winners will be announced in the first week of June.

Players can participate in the fan art event by posting their original artwork on Twitter with the hashtags #Zhongli and #HeartofBedrock.

Fan art criteria and eligibility

There are of course a few criteria that the fan art needs to meet to be eligible for the contest. Players should follow the five following guidelines to ensure their artwork is eligible:

  1. Zhongli must be the subject of the artwork. The content of the piece can be creative and based on Genshin Impact lore.
  2. The artwork should be in color, and artists should record their drafts and sketches to verify that the piece is an original.
  3. The artist should sign the piece in any of the four corners.
  4. No text is allowed on the artwork aside from the artist’s signature.
  5. The artist should detail the following: the inspiration for the artwork, the meaning of the artwork, and how long it took to complete

Rewards for fan art contest winners

The winners of the Genshin Impact fan art contest are going to receive numerous rewards, including Primogems and real-life collectibles:

  • One gold medal winner will receive 3000 Primogems and a Paimon figure.
  • Three silver medalists will receive 1000 Primogems, a Paimon pillow and a Paimon acrylic stand.
  • Six bronze medalists will win 500 Primogems and a Hilichurl plushie hand warmer pillow.
  • 10 players will get a Zhongli character stand and a Zhongli chibi keychain & badge.

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How to participate in the Genshin Impact cosplay contest, eligibility and rewards

Phase two of the Heart of Bedrock event, the cosplay contest, will follow a similar timetable to the fan art contest. They will accept submissions between May 20th and June 17th, judging will take place until June 28th, and results will be announced in the following week.

Players can participate in the upcoming cosplay event by posting their photo on Twitter with the hashtags #Zhongli and #HeartofBedrock.

Cosplay criteria and eligibility

Again, there are a few criteria points for cosplay submissions, which in this case are very straightforward:

  1. The submissions must not be provocative or controversial, and may not involve anything that is illegal or morally askew (racism, violence, pornographic content, etc.)
  2. Zhongli must be the subject of the cosplay; the content of the photo can be creative and based on Genshin Impact lore.
  3. Players cannot recycle submissions that previously won a cosplay competition. Previous winners can of course make new submissions.

Players who plan to participate in this contest should also know that Genshin Impact has specifically declared that all participants are legally responsible for the copyright of their submitted cosplay, meaning they may be held liable for any plagiarism.

Participants can enter multiple submissions, each eligible to be a winner. The Genshin Impact team will judge cosplay submissions based on factors including creativity and expressiveness as they decide the winners.

Rewards for cosplay contest winners

The winners of the Genshin Impact cosplay contest will receive similar rewards to the fan art contest winners. However, winners will receive more Primogems and more Zhongli-themed collectibles.

  • Two gold medal winners will each receive 5000 Primogems, a Zhongli chibi keychain and badge, a Zhongli character stand & badge, a Zhongli gift theme stand & badge, coaster, and pillow.
  • Five silver medalists will receive 3000 Primogems and all the same collectibles that the gold medalists receive except the coaster and pillow.
  • 10 bronze medalists will win 1000 Primogems, a Zhongli character stand & badge, and a Zhongli chibi keychain & badge.

Genshin Impact players in the Zhongli fandom are sure to swarm over these two contests. For players who want to flex their creativity, the Zhongli: Heart of Bedrock event is a great opportunity to do just that and maybe get some great rewards in the process.

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Published 04 May 2021, 04:15 IST

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