Genshin Impact: Kazuha banner release time, new weapons, and more details


Genshin Impact’s newest character Kazuha has almost been released, and players will finally be able to get their hands on the game’s first Inazuman character.

The Anemo 5-star swordsman will usher in a new era for the game, as he will lead them into the new region of Inazuma, the land of Electro.

Fans have been waiting patiently and will finally get the opportunity to wish for this brand new character. They can find out more about his banner release time and the weapon banner he will be arriving with here.

Genshin Impact: Kazuha release details and more

Kazuha’s banner will soon be released in Genshin Impact, meaning players will finally be able to wish for the rogue Anemo Samurai from Inazuma.

Kazuha’s banner will be released at 18:00 server time, which translates to 3 pm PST, 6 pm EST North American time, and 6 AM CST for Chinese players.

The event starts on June 29 and will last until July 20, giving users plenty of time to wish for Kazuha on his banner. Kazuha is definitely one of the most hyped characters in Genshin Impact as his swift attacks and unique Elemental Burst set him apart from others on the roster.

Kazuha’s banner also comes with powerful 4-star characters including Rosaria, Bennett, and Razor. The first two perform as superb supports and Bennett belongs in the highest tier when it comes to supporting a team, while Razor can perform as a powerful main DPS for many teams.

Players who need copies of Bennett for their teams will definitely want to pick up this great character.

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Kazuha’s weapon banner:

Kazuha will also arrive with a new weapon banner, bringing the new 5-star sword, the Freedom-Sworn along with the Skyward Atlas catalyst. This powerful sword will synergize incredibly well with Kazuha, providing him with great bonuses and Elemental Mastery.

It will likely be his best-in-slot weapon, and players who want to maximize their Kazuha’s potential will want to pick it up. They can also get their hands on some new 4-star weapons, including:

  1. The Alley Flash:
  2. Wine and Song
  3. Alley Hunter:
  4. Favonius Greatsword
  5. Dragon Bane

All of these 4-stars bring unique bonuses to a team and some powerful buffs, so players should deliberate on whether they want to use some extra wishes on this upcoming weapon banner.

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Kazuha’s upcoming banner definitely seems like a great one for Genshin Impact players to wish on, and this character will finally open the door to Inazuma and the next big expansion to Genshin Impact.

With relentless updates and events, Genshin Impact players have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

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