Genshin Impact leaks: A Claymore wielding 5-star Hydro character likely to arrive in upcoming Inazuma updates

Another Genshin Impact leak is making its way around the Internet; this time it’s about a 5-star Claymore user with Hydro vision.

Some of the leaks are vague in terms of what they represent, but some fans have associated the following leaks with Mimi, a previously leaked character who has a strong connection with the Hydro element. As of right now, this leak points to a nameless character, so fans can interpret it however they’d like.

However, it could be a number of other characters as there is no official confirmation about who this leaked character is. Some signs point to Mimi, but there should be a reminder that it could be any of the other leaked characters.

Genshin Impact leaks: Who is this five-star Hydro Claymore wielder?

So far, the above statement is the only known leak regarding the upcoming 5-star Hydro Claymore wielder. This mysterious character will be associated with the upcoming Inazuma patches, and it looks like miHoYo is getting better at hiding info from leakers.

What is known about this new unit?

For starters, all that’s known about this new unit is that they will be a 5-star unit with a Hydro vision, and they’ll be able to wield a Claymore in battle. It could be related to another known character, or it could be a completely brand new character.

Finally, they’re set for an upcoming Inazuma patch. While that could be a number of patches down the line, it could be a while before Genshin Impact fans get more concrete data on who this character is.

The rest of this article will cover Mimi, who might or might not have anything to do with the above leak.

Who is Mimi?

It isn’t known what type of weapon Mimi will use in Genshin Impact, but she is associated with the Hydro element. Typically, Genshin Impact characters have color schemes associated with their vision, and Mimi’s outfit strongly points to a Hydro vision.

Some Genshin Impact leaks indicate that Mimi is a Catalyst user, but leaks related to a character’s weapon of choice have been wrong before (case in point, Albedo does not use a bow in the final version).

As far as leaked info goes in Genshin Impact, Mimi only has a model for show. The tweet above shows a few good angles on what she looks like, so fans of Mimi can use that if they’d like.

When was Mimi leaked?

Mimi’s model has been in Genshin Impact since 1.2. While she hasn’t been around as long as a character like Ayaka has, it’s still noticeably longer than what most other Genshin Impact characters go through.

Genshin Impact does lack Hydro characters, so if Mimi isn’t the 5-star Claymore user, that would be fine as it would mean Genshin Impact would have even more Hydro users.

Other Genshin Impact characters that have been leaked have had little info available about them (such as Yoimiya). It’s possible that miHoYo is slowly curbing the leaks, but fans should still expect more news on both of this article’s subjects in the upcoming future.

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