Genshin Impact leaks: New 5-star weapons, Tohma design changes, Sayu and more

New leaks have surfaced yet again in the Genshin Impact community, this time concerning new 5-star weapons and revelations about upcoming characters.

Rumors speculate that a new 5-star sword, “Mist-Cutting Gleam,” will be one of several new weapons coming to Genshin Impact. Furthermore, two upcoming characters in Genshin Impact, Tohma and Sayu, have now seen even more leaks. Tohma has allegedly undergone a cosmetic redesign, while leakers have uncovered Sayu’s abilities and talents.

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Genshin Impact leaks reveal Sayu’s elemental abilities and talents

Many new characters are rumored for upcoming versions in Genshin Impact. Recently, leakers revealed some gameplay information about the expected Anemo character, Sayu.

Disclaimer: All known information on Sayu’s gameplay is based on unofficial translations of Honey Impact’s records. Honey Impact is a highly-trusted source, but all information is still subject to change.

Sayu’s Elemental Skill

Like several other characters, Sayu will have a tap-version and a held version of her Elemental Skill. After tapping her skill, Sayu will curl up into a wheel called “Fuurin,” roll forward and kick the enemies.

By holding her Skill, Sayu continues to roll in her Fuurin state. She will be more resistant to interruption as she rolls. Pressing her Skill again will trigger a strong kick, and Sayu reverts out of Fuurin state.

In the Fuurin state of her held-version Elemental Skill, Sayu can also undergo elemental infusion. This can only happen once, and will last a maximum of 10 seconds.

Sayu’s Elemental Burst

Sayu’s ultimate ability spawns an “Untoppled Luoluo.” The creature deals Anemo damage to enemies and heals nearby party members based on Sayu’s attack.

The Untoppled Luoluo prioritizes its actions based on the party’s health. If all characters have 70% or more HP, it will attack. Otherwise, it will heal the character with the lowest HP. Naturally, if no enemies are close to the Luoluo, it will always focus on healing.

Sayu’s Passive Talents

Like all other characters in Genshin Impact, Sayu is expected to have three passive talents, two of which are unlocked upon ascension.

The first passive talent is very useful for exploration. When Sayu is in a party, some creatures will not notice when players approach them. This includes crystalfies, which should make it much easier to collect the items needed for Condensed Resin.

Sayu’s Elemental Burst makes it clear that Sayu will serve as a team healer. Her second passive talent further solidifies her into that role. All party members recover 300 HP when Sayu triggers a swirl reaction, plus 1.2 HP for each of Sayu’s Elemental Mastery points. This can only occur once every two seconds.

Sayu’s final passive talent buffs her Elemental Burst. The Untoppled Luoluo will become an even better healer with this talent unlocked. Whenever it heals someone, it will heal the party members next to them, equal to 20% of the amount healed. Additionally, this talent will also increase the AoE of the Untoppled Luoluo’s attacks.

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Genshin Impact leaks reveal new 5-star weapons and a Tohma redesign

Mist-Cutting Gleam and other new 5-star weapons

According to reputable leaks, a new 5-star sword called “Mist-Cutting Gleam” will arrive to Genshin Impact.

Based on unofficial translations, this weapon creates up to three stacks of “Mist-Cutting Tomoemon.” These stacks increase the damage output of the character’s element.

Players with this sword will create stacks of Mist-Cutting Tomoemon with a few different attacks. Dealing elemental damage with normal attacks creates a stack lasting five seconds, and using Burst abilities creates a stack lasting 10 seconds. Also, a stack is added when the character has less than the maximum amount of energy.

A similarly-themed bow has also been rumored. Based on both weapons’ purple colors, it’s likely that they come from an Inazuma weapon series. It’s possible that this bow has the same ability as Mist-Cutting Gleam, much like how the Dragonspine weapons had the same abilities. Translations are currently unavailable, so this is only speculation for now.

Rumored 5-star bow (image via Genshin Intel)

Tohma design changes

A while ago, Lumie posted a leaked character design for an expected Inazuma character, Tohma. The popular fan artist has now released an update on Tohma’s design, showing a few subtle changes.

As the tweet’s picture indicates, Genshin Impact has allegedly changed Tohma’s chain necklace to look more like dog tags. His accessory over his shoulder is also a different color now, and there are a few changes to the shading in his design.

Although the changes are pretty minimal, some players are a bit disappointed with the redesign.

Some complaints also mention that he now looks too similar to Childe. These opinions may or may not reflect those of the Genshin Impact community. Regardless, Tohma will likely debut in version 1.7 or later, so miHoYo still has plenty of time to change Tohma’s design.

Players know very little when it comes to Tohma. Aside from his character design, players are in the dark when it comes to his identity. However, the community is pretty confident that he’s connected to Ayaka.

According to rumors, Tohma is in a relationship with the upcoming playable character, Ayaka, who represents Inazuma’s Kamisato House. Players also believe Tohma works for Ayaka based on her voicelines in the original beta.

Genshin Impact players can certainly be picky when it comes to choosing which characters to summon. After all, without spending a good deal of money, players can have a rough time collecting all the characters they desire.

For many players, Tohma’s character design influences whether they save up Primogems and summon him. Once his design and gameplay are official, many players will begin to make that choice for themselves.

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