Genshin Impact leaks reveal rewards of Sacred Sakura Tree: Free 30 wishes, 5 crowns of Insight, and more 

Genshin Impact leaks suggest that the upcoming Inazuma region will feature something called the “Sacred Sakura Tree.”

In Genshin Impact, players have explored the two current nations of Mondstadt and Liyue, neither of which are difficult to navigate. Regardless, based on in-game lore and leaked content, players expect Inazuma to have its own unique obstacles. Now, with the leaked Sacred Sakura Tree up in the air, players have a better idea of how Inazuma will work, and how they can leach rewards from its challenges.

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Genshin Impact to offer huge rewards through the Sacred Sakura Tree in Inazuma

Sacred Sakura Tree (image via Genshin Intel) Sacred Sakura Tree namecard (image via Honey Impact)Genshin Impact leaks: Pyro Hypostasis boss, Raiden Shogun models, Thunderhelm Lawachurl, Inazuma shrine keys, and more

Genshin Impact’s Sacred Sakura Tree will limit exploration in Inazuma

Apart from the rewards, players will still have good reasons to level up the new tree. According to leaks, the Sacred Sakura Tree will control exploration in the Inazuma region.

As the tree levels up, the players’ Electrograna are enhanced. Leaks indicate that the Electrograna will protect Travelers from Inazuma’s environmental damage and allow them to explore more areas in the nation.

Some leakers have suggested that many players will need months to fully explore Inazuma, precisely because of how the Sacred Sakura Tree functions.

Disclaimer: As always, all leaked information may change until miHoYo confirms future content regarding Inazuma or the Sacred Sakura Tree.

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