Genshin Impact: Protective Canopy and other elemental resonances explained

Elemental Resonances in Genshin Impact are based on the elements represented in a party. For example, Protective Canopy is four unique elements in the party.

Elemental Resonances are always active in Genshin Impact as long as the player either has two characters of the same element or has four random characters with different elements in the party. Of course, this also means that different Elemental Resonance effects are based on which lineup the player has.

It’s worth noting that this is strictly based on the number of elements in the party. So in Protective Canopy’s case, it doesn’t matter if it’s four random four-star units or four random five-star units. All that would matter is that four different elements are being represented in the party.

If that’s achieved, then the player gets All Elemental RES +15% and Physical RES +15% for all Genshin Impact characters in the party.

Genshin Impact: Protective Canopy and all other Elemental Resonances explained

Other than Protective Canopy, all remaining Elemental Resonances in Genshin Impact require just two members of the same element to be in the party lineup. This means that players can have up to two Elemental Resonances active at all times.

If players go for Protective Canopy, then it’s only possible to have that Elemental Resonance active. To check a user’s Elemental Resonances, they can go to the party lineup screen and click on “Elemental Resonance” on the top right.

Protective Canopy

An example of Protective Canopy in Genshin Impact: four different characters with four different elements (Image via Sportskeeda)Elemental Resonance to activate in Genshin Impact, as it strictly requires four unique elements in the party. Something like Anemo, Pyro, Cryo, and Geo can work, as would Electro, Hydro, Pyro, and Geo.

Its effect in Genshin Impact is All Elemental RES +15% and Physical RES +15%, regardless of the four unique elements chosen in the party.

List of all Elemental Resonances in Genshin Impact

An example of Enduring Rock (Image via Carousell)Genshin Impact that involves two Pyro characters in the party. Here, all characters in the party will be affected by Cryo for 40% less time while also increases the party’s ATK by 25%.

High Voltage is an Elemental Resonance that involves two Electro characters in the party. All characters in the party are affected by Hydro for 40% less time. There is also a 100% chance of generating an Electro Elemental Particle every five seconds when a foe is hit by Superconduct, Overloaded, or Electro-Charged.

Some Anemo characters that can be put in a team for the Impetuous Wind Elemental Resonance (Image via Guitar-Master)Genshin Impact, and it involves two Hydro characters in the party. Characters will be affected by Pyro for 40% less time, and all incoming healing is increased by 30%.

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