Genshin Impact skins leaked: Jean and Barbara’s outfits to arrive in 1.6 update

Genshin Impact fans of Jean and Barbara can now be satisfied in knowing that their favorite characters are getting new outfits sometime in the 1.6 update.

Given their story, it is only fitting that Jean and Barbara would get a new outfit together within the same update. Fans of fanservice will greatly appreciate these two new outfits, as Jean and Barbara’s new outfits do deviate from their normal, more conservative outfits. Fortunately, it’s nothing too questionable.

The details on how to obtain the new outfits are a bit sketchy right now, but it is known that Barbara’s outfit can be obtained in an event known as Echoing Narration. Details on this event are a bit scarce right now, but it will be provided near the end of this article if Genshin Impact fans are curious about what’s been leaked thus far.

Genshin Impact skins leaked: Jean and Barbara’s outfits to arrive in 1.6 update

The above tweet shows off what Barbara’s skin looks like in 3D. The slow spin allows Genshin Impact gamers to see all of the details on this skin, which is nice if they’re unsure about the quality of the skin from just looking at still images.

Predictably, the outfit is beach-themed in a modest way. It is a separate outfit from the usual outfit Barbara usually wears in Genshin Impact. Likewise, Jean’s outfit (as seen in the image at the top of this article) is also a separate outfit for players to try and earn in the 1.6 update in Genshin Impact.

Jean’s outfit backstory

JeanDiluc to hire a craftsman that could tailor it. Noelle would sew the outfit with fabric taken from Amber (the same one associated with Baron Bunny). Lisa would also let them know Jean’s measurements, even going as far as to sew in the new rose ornaments.

And an appropriate quote from Jean: “This is the first time… I have had such a comfortable summer vacation.”

Barbara’s outfit backstory

BarbaraBarbara has decided to go to a beach and decided to talk with Lisa to get an appropriate swimsuit for Jean. It’s a simpler story than Jean’s, but the two stories are intertwined with one another for this Genshin Impact event.

Echoing Narration

The event associated with Barbara’s new skin will be known as Echoing Narration in Genshin Impact. It’s possible for Jean’s outfit to be associated with it as well, but it isn’t officially confirmed as of yet. It is possible that players could pay for Jean’s outfit like they would in miHoYo’s other game, Honkai Impact 3rd.

The first image to see from Echoing Narration (Image via The second image to see from Echoing Narration (Image via The third image to see from Echoing Narration (Image via fans should familiarize themselves with this part of the new event if they wish to get her new skin.

The new outfits

The new outfits in Genshin Impact are likely going to be a bunch of many for future updates, but it should be stated that it is unknown if players will get a second chance to obtain these particular outfits at a later date.

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