Genshin Impact: Upcoming Misty Dungeon, Mimi Tomo, and Windtrace PvP event details explained

The Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Initiative event is currently underway, but this is just one of several planned for the course of version 1.5.

Midway through May, players will begin to access new events in their constant hunt for rewards. The latter part of the month seems booked full of new events, so players are sure to be very busy in the last few weeks ahead of the 1.6 update.

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Genshin Impact events in 1.5: Misty Dungeon, Mimi Tomo, and Windtrace explained

“Battlefront: Misty Dungeon” event details for Genshin Impact 1.5

Preview of the event page for Battlefront: Misty Dungeon (image via BanSugar) Preview of the Mimi Tomo progress page (image via BanSugar)Genshin Impact: Unusual Hilichurls locations and drops

First PvP event, “Windtrace,” coming to Genshin Impact

Preview of the Windtrace event page in Genshin Impact (image via GenshinAR)Genshin Impact, and the co-op feature is of course nothing new when it comes to the game’s events. However, Windtrace is a little special as it will be the first PvP event in the game.

In this event, players will play a game in which they are split into two groups: the Rebels and the Hunter. This game is a Mondstadt tradition where the Rebels represent members of an ancient resistance, and the Hunter has been sent by an ancient aristocracy to oppose them.

For gamers who’ve grown familiar with prop-hunt games, Windtrace should be right up their alley. The Rebels in this game must evade capture from the Hunter until the timer stops. They can also disguise themselves as nearby objects like crates and barrels while they avoid the Hunter.

Participating in limited-time events is a great way to farm for rewards and experience Genshin Impact in a new way, and players are sure to have a lot of content to work with in just a few short weeks.

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