Genshin Impact wish simulator for Klee banner: How to check drop rates and luck with unlimited wishes

Genshin Impact players may try and wish for Klee on her Sparkling Steps rerun banner but will be unsure if they are feeling lucky enough. This is where Genshin Impact wish simulators come in, and they can provide players with a way to easily test their luck and drop rates.

Players can use wish simulators to wish as many times as they want without spending a single dime. If players get unlucky on a wish simulator, they can simply reset the website and start fresh. Players will definitely want to make sure they are feeling lucky by using one of these wish simulators.

Wish simulators in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players may want to wish on banners as much as possible, but most players just don’t have the Primogems to do so. F2P players especially need to make the most of the limited resources that are available in Genshin Impact.

This is where players can take advantage of wish simulators. These websites provide players with unlimited fates and Primogems to roll on simulated banners, allowing them to see what they possibly would get if they spent those actual resources.

Players can use these for many reasons, including just for fun, but they are useful in checking the drop rates from a certain banner.

How players can use wish simulators

Genshin Impact wish simulator (image via

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Players testing their luck with wish simulators

One of the primary reasons to use a wish simulator is to test luck, and players utilize this function often. Players sometimes go on insane wish streaks and rack up plenty of 5-stars, while others continue to lose their 50/50 on characters that they desire.

Either way, using a wish simulator is a great way to ensure that players aren’t wasting actual Primogems on these banners, just in case they aren’t feeling too lucky that day.

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Genshin Impact wish simulators can be a fun tool for players to test their luck and get some easy unlimited wishes. Players should definitely take advantage of these useful websites.

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