Genshin Impact wish simulator: Unlimited wishes on Eula banner to test gacha luck

For players looking to test out their gacha luck with Eula, this Genshin Impact wish simulator is the best one to try out.

Wish simulators are popular for Genshin Impact players to mess around. Sometimes, it fulfills the need to gamble so players won’t waste their Primogems in-game. Other times, it’s just a fun experience to pass the time. Those aren’t the only reasons, but they tend to be the predominant ones.

If a Genshin Impact player is looking for a wish simulator to test out their gacha luck, the wish simulator found here is the best one to use. It’s simple, sleek, and while it works a lot like the Wishes system in Genshin Impact, there are also quality-of-life features to make it stand out from its contemporaries.

Genshin Impact wish simulator: Testing infinite wishes on the Eula banner

Players can use this wish simulator for testing out unlimited wishes (Image via Genshin Impact)wish simulator is being referred to here, it’s the one found in the first hyperlink of this article (aka the first sentence).

What makes this Genshin Impact wish simulator stand out?

It even has some of Genshin Impactgood Genshin Impact wish simulator.

The quality-of-life features

The quality-of-life features in this simulator are quite nice (Image via Sportskeeda)Genshin Impact wish simulators, players have an infinite amount of wishes they can perform. Ergo, they can pretend to be whales and see how lucky (or unlucky) they could be.

On the top right of the banner is a number. By default, it’s 0, but it increases with every pull a player does. This is why players can easily see how many summons they’ve done to this point. If that’s not enough, they can also click on “Inventory” to see the individual pulls they’ve gotten (as well as how much money it would’ve cost them if they paid for those Primogems).

Likewise, Genshin Impact players can also reset their inventory pulls if they wish to “reset their luck” and see how their average luck pans out. This wish simulator does use the same rates as the game uses, so it’s a reliable test of one’s gacha luck.

It’s just a simulator

ItEula banner is over (and it has existed long before it, as well), so players can rely on this same wish simulator as long as they’d like.

Why Genshin Impact players like using these kinds of wish simulators

It isnskipping the banner, as it still simulates the same sensation players get when they’re gambling with their Primogems in-game. It might not be as rewarding as it’s just a simulator, but it’s still fun to mess around with all the same.

Likewise, F2P players can do as many wishes in this simulator as they’d like, which is something they normally can’t afford to do in the real Genshin Impact. Players can do thousands of rolls, and that would work just fine and dandy for them.

Eula’s Banner

Pulling Eula would feel nice for some players (Image via Genshin Impact)Genshin Impact players can track their pulls with this wish simulator. The most useful feature pertaining to this is the money spent feature. For example, 130 pulls would cost $268.32, according to this wish simulator.

Of course, players don’t spend any real-life money on this wish simulator. There is no MTX needed to use it. If a Genshin Impact player really wanted to see what 1000 pulls would get them, then they could do so easily.

The wish simulator does track every individual pull, so players can see if they pull Eula x 4 or just Eula x 1. This applies to every character and weapon in Genshin Impact.

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