Genshin Impact wish simulator: Unlimited wishes on Zhongli banner to test gacha luck

If players wish to test out their luck with a Genshin Impact wish simulator, then they should try out the wish simulator provided in this article.

The Genshin Impact wish simulator found here works a lot like how summoning works in Genshin Impact. There are several banners to test one’s luck on, including the Beginners’ wish banner, the weapon event wish banner, the standard wish banner, and, of course, the Zhongli banner. Players can try out their luck as much as they’d like, as it’s just a simulation and not the real thing.

Of course, it is entirely a simulation. It’s possible for players to get super lucky on a simulation, and then get absolutely dumped on when the real thing hits. Likewise, the complete opposite can occur. Hence, Genshin Impact players should use this wish simulator for fun and not assume it will be an exact replica of what will happen in-game.

Genshin Impact wish simulator: Unlimited wishes on Zhongli banner to test gacha luck

Wishes are also animated in this simulator (Image via If a player gets a new character, the word Zhongli’s banner, they just need to click on Zhongli’s face (the second tab). To test the wish simulator, players can click on Wish x 10 as often as they’d like.

Thankfully, players can either skip the animation or watch it as it occurs. The animation is nigh-identical to the one found in Genshin Impact, so it’s a nice touch that separates this wish simulator over the others. However, that isn’t the sole advantage this wish simulator has over its contemporaries.

Other advantages that this wish simulator has

Players can check their inventory in this simulator (Image via spend money on a simulation, but it’s still fun to mess around with.

Drop rates

Players can change the settings easily (Image via Impact, making a simulator is easier than what one might think. It might not necessarily be 100% accurate at times, but this simulator is still accurate enough that players can get an idea of how lucky they are.

This wish simulator isn’t just for Zhongli’s banner, either. If players go to “Settings”, they can change it to other banners as they’d please. They can also reset the inventory if they’d like to see what a certain amount of pulls would look like, unobstructed from the previous summons.

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