Genshin Impact x Honkai Impact 3rd crossover release date, skins, characters, and more details

Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd, miHoYo’s two largest IPs, will be having a crossover soon.

The main reason for this crossover is to draw more attention to miHoYo’s less popular game, Honkai Impact 3rd.

What is in the Genshin Impact x Honkai Impact 3rd crossover?

A number of Genshin Impact elements will be incorporated into Honkai Impact 3rd for this crossover event. As seen in the tweet above, Keqing will be a playable character in Honkai Impact 3rd, albeit temporarily. Luckily, players will have a permanent party member from Genshin Impact to make up for that.

Fischl will be available for free to players who log in during the event. As she is a free unit, she likely won’t be too remarkable by Honkai Impact 3rd standards. Having said that, her animations and movements still look great (some fans would even say they’re significantly better than what’s present in Genshin Impact).

Keqing also looks great, but it’s worth repeating that she is only a temporary party member for the sake of the event. By comparison, Fischl is a permanent addition.

Surprisingly, it isn’t just the new playable characters that will be representing Genshin Impact in this Honkai Impact 3rd crossover.

Other Genshin Impact crossovers

The above tweet shows other nifty aspects of the Genshin Impact x Honkai Impact 3rd crossover.

The first item on the bottom row is Klee’s outfit. However, instead of Klee, it is Honkai Impact 3rd’s character, Theresa, who is wearing the outfit as a battlesuit. If players unlock the battlesuit, they can have Theresa wear it for as long as they’d like.

Paimon will also be in the crossover, although there are conflicting reports as to whether she will be a part of the ELF system. Some screenshots show her hovering around the Honkai Impact 3rd characters like she does in Genshin Impact, so it’s possible she could be doing something more relevant than just talking.

Genshin enemies

Of course, it isn’t just playable characters and battlesuits that Genshin Impact is bringing with them to Honkai Impact 3rd. Some enemies and bosses (like Boreas, as seen in the above tweet) will also show up in some capacity in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Ruin guards and slimes are also slated to make an appearance as enemies in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Release dates

Honkai Impact 3rd fans should remember the dates of the crossover: June 10 & July 8 (Image via Honkai 3rd Reddit)Should Genshin Impact fans expect Honkai Impact 3rd content in their game?

As of right now, there are no plans to bring more Honkai Impact 3rd content into Genshin Impact. Likewise, it isn’t known if more Genshin Impact content will make its way into Honkai Impact 3rd.

Logically, all of this will depend on how successful the crossover is. If it blows expectations out of the water, Honkai Impact 3rd fans can expect to see more Genshin Impact content in their games.

As of right now, there are no other Genshin Impact leaks related to this long-awaited crossover.

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