Genshin Impact YouTuber finds a bug to farm infinite resources; here’s how to do it

A Genshin Impact player has found a bug that is allowing players to gather infinite resources just by standing near bushes and trees. All players will need to accomplish this glitch are two devices and Xingqiu. Players who are familiar with Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill may know of its effect on the plant life of Teyvat, but they may not know that it can be utilized to farm as many mushrooms, bird eggs and lizard tails as players want. Players can find out how to do this easy bug here and gather as many resources as they need.

Genshin Impact bug allows for players to farm infinite Matustakes, Eggs, and Lizard Tails

This Genshin Impact glitch has been found by a player on Youtube known as taka gg and is one of the easiest glitches to accomplish in Genshin Impact. Players will have to follow some simple steps, and they can have their very own lawnmower to cut through bushes and trees as they farm these resources. Players should head to the upper levels of Mondstadt near the waypoint and stand near the various bushes and small trees. This is where they can begin to set up this new glitch.

The resources players can expect after 15 miuntes (Image via Taka GG)Genshin Impact 1.6 banner schedule: Which character is expected to be released next?

Why players should farm extra resources in Genshin Impact

This is definitely a great way for players to prepare for the upcoming Genshin Impact updates, as they will never need to farm these items again. Players should make sure to take advantage of this before new regions come out like the Midsummer Island Adventure update and even Inazuma, as players won’t want to waste any time farming old resources in these new areas. Players can use these resources for many things, like creating buff and resistance potions, and making food for healing and buffs.

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Players can easily take advantage of this newly found glitch. With big updates on the horizon, farming resources will most likely become more important in the future of Genshin Impact.

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