Genshin Impact’s Unusual Hilichurl ‘Wei’ is based on a real-life personality: Here is all you need to know

In Genshin Impact, one of the strangest characters shown so far is the Unusual Hilichurl named Wei.

Unlike other Hilichurls, Wei does not attack players unless he is attacked first. He also has a unique design and outfit compared to other Hilichurls. Wei’s mane is an atypical gray color, and his mask has his name written on it.

Most players have at least heard about the Unusual Hilichurl by now, but what’s much less known is that Wei is based on a real-life person from Genshin Impact’s development studio, miHoYo.

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Wei’s real-life reference in Genshin Impact

For players who want to level up their Adventurer Rank faster, Wei can be defeated twice each day to earn 18 Adventurer’s EXP along with some minor rewards. After he’s defeated, he spawns elsewhere in Teyvat. That, however, is all Wei really does in Genshin Impact, aside from adding a little extra personality.

All in all, it’s easy to see Wei as something of a strange addition to Genshin Impact. Wei’s implementation in Genshin Impact is quite simple and mostly negligible, but there’s a reason why he was introduced to the game.

The Unusual Hilichurl got his name from the founder and CEO of miHoYo, Liu Wei. Wei can essentially be considered a self-insert, or perhaps a cameo, of the founder. Liu Wei has done the same in a few other miHoYo games.

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Liu Wei’s appearances in miHoYo games

Liu Wei’s cameo as Da Wei for Honkai Impact 3rd (image via Houkai 3rd Wiki) Liu Wei in Tears of Themis (image via Houkai 3rd Wiki) Preview of the Mimi Tomo progress page (image via BanSugar)Dainsleif in Genshin Impact: All you need to know about the mysterious character

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